About Us

Kawsa skincare is formulated by Dr Kauthar Ismail, (MBBS, MSc Healthy Aging, Medical Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine) a medical doctor who is specialized in Anti-aging and Wellness.
Dr Kauthar has 9 years experience in the medical field since 2013 and together with other medical experts in the Prestige Medispa Malaysia team, they have treated skin problems like acne, hyperpigmentation, skin irregularities and problems since 2017 until today.
Throughout the years, our team noticed a lot of Malaysians are suffering from the negative effects of using unsuitable skincare, or mercury based skincare. Since then, our team has been passionate to formulate a range of skincare that is safe, SLES/SLS free, PARABEN free, and definitely MERCURY AND HEAVY METALS free to be used by everyone.